2017 Parent and Teacher Training

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Parent and Teacher Training

The IDA Georgia Teacher Training mission is designed for teachers across the state of Georgia to develop “knowledge and practice standards” for teaching undiagnosed struggling readers as well as students diagnosed with dyslexia. Click here to read the International Dyslexia Association publication, ‘Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading’.

2016 / 2017 Training Opportunities

2016 / 2017 Training Scholarship Application


Curing Dyslexia: What is Possible?
A webinar presentation made by Patricia Mathes, Ph.D., Texas Instruments Chair of Evidence-Based Education and Professor of Teaching And Learning, Southern Methodist University, Editor-in-Chief of IDA’s Annals of Dyslexia and Founder of Hoot Education on June 15, 2016.

Our IDA partners at the Upper Midwest Branch offer free webinars throughout the year to support parents, education professionals and advocates. If you were unable attend one of their previous webinars, never fear! They’ve provided recordings for your viewing pleasure at any time – and they are always free.

IDA Georgia does not endorse any one program over the other. Please contact the instructors/training organization directly should you have any questions.