Resources for Decodable Texts

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Decodable texts allow beginning and struggling readers the opportunity to practice reading text that incorporates new skills and letter-sound correspondences that have been explicitly and systematically been taught by the teacher.

Teachers who are working on teaching students the code will want to choose stories that follow whatever phonics scope and sequence they are using so that the stories reinforce what has been taught. This allows the students to use the tools they’ve learned to UNLOCK the code!  With this in mind, students can approach text with greater confidence.  Guessing is unnecessary! Looking at the pictures to figure out the words is unnecessary! 

Where can teachers find decodable texts?

There are lots of great options available! Many decodable readers are available for purchase or to download for free, and eventually experienced teachers may find it fun to create their own beginning decodable readers by referring to phonics word lists and incorporating words that reinforce phonics concepts previously taught.

IDA Georgia has compiled the following list.  Please let us know if you find other great resources you think we should share! Email us at

The Reading League
The Reading League has created a document with clickable links to Decodable Text Sources.

Flyleaf Publishing  The beautiful pictures in these decodable readers are used to enhance the reading experience, not help the children decode the words!  Free portal for 2020-2021:

Sound City Free downloads

PhonicBooks for Beginning and Struggling Readers

Core Knowledge
Free decodable readers available for download (or can purchase materials)  To find the decodable readers, teachers can sort by Language Arts and the grade level and scroll down past Listening and Learning to SKILLS.   Teachers can then click on the Unit and find lesson guides.  Here is an example of what would be available for a whole Skills Unit:

A list with links to decodable readers from various sources – I have not checked out every one of these links, but it appears to be a great list!

Spelfabet is based in Australia, so some of the resources listed are from companies based in Australia. Teachers will need to double-check the readers to make sure the book’s vocabulary is terminology familiar to American children.

SPELD SA Phonic Books

Really Great Reading
Decodable Passages for “home connection”:  Here teachers can download the Countdowns and Boost PDF’s to check out.

Reading Rockets
List with links to sources:
This list was compiled and shared by the Reading League.

The Literacy Nest 
Emily shares her favorite resources for decodable books and passages.

S.P.I.R.E. Decodable Readers

Wilson Fundations Supplemental Geodes Decodable Stories

95 Percent Group, Inc

Carissa Taylor
“Check out my master list of decodable books below! The decodables in this list are in a variety of digital formats (PDF, PPT, online), and are written with a variety of phonics scope and sequence progressions in mind.” – Carissa Taylor


Disclaimer:  It is IDA’s policy not to recommend or endorse any specific program, product, institution, company, or instructional material, noting that there are a number of these that present the critical components of instruction defined by IDA’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading. Any program, product, institution, company, or instructional material carrying the IDA seal of accreditation meets the IDA Standards.

Articles Discussing Decodable Readers

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