Fact Sheets and Articles about Dyslexia and Related Issues

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The IDA Fact Sheets are convenient, professionally reviewed materials designed to improve understanding and support advocacy initiatives.  We have included below the IDA Fact Sheets as well as articles published in IDA’s newsletter, The Examiner.  The Examiner is published to arm families, educators, advocates, researchers, and policymakers with the information needed for effective decision-making and collaborating on behalf of those who struggle to learn to read, particularly those with dyslexia. Click on topics of interest below to view and download the IDA Fact Sheets and articles from The Examiner. To view past issues of The Examiner and to sign up to receive future issues, click here.

General Information:

Dyslexia Basics (Click here for Spanish)

Dyslexia and the Brain (Click here for Spanish)

Helpful Terminology

Information for Adolescents and Adults with Dyslexia

Emotional Issues:

Dyslexia-Stress-Anxiety Connection (Click here for Spanish)

Social and Emotional Problems Related to Dyslexia

Common Co-Occurrences:

Gifted and Dyslexic (Click here for Spanish)

AD/HD and Dyslexia (Click here for Spanish)

Understanding Dysgraphia (Click here for Spanish)

Working Memory: The Engine for Learning

Oral Language Impairments and Dyslexia


Is My Child Dyslexic? (Common Characteristics)

Assessment of Dyslexia

Testing and Evaluation

Universal Screening: K–2 Reading

What Works – Structured Literacy:

Structured Literacy: Effective Instruction for Students with Dyslexia and Other Related Reading Difficulties

Here’s Why Schools Should Use Structured Literacy (article by Louise Spear-Swerling, PhD, in June 2019 Issue of The Examiner)

Structured Literacy Works, but What is It? (March 2019 Issue of The Examiner)

Multi-Sensory Structured Language Teaching

Orton-Gillingham Based and/or Multi-Sensory Structured Language Approaches

Effective Reading Instruction for Students with Dyslexia (Click here for Spanish)

Spelling (Click here for Spanish)

Morphological Awareness

Evaluating Professionals (Click here for Spanish)

Educational Promises

Adolescents and Adults with Dyslexia (Click here for Spanish)


Advocating for a Child in the Public School System  (NEW – August 2019)

Common Core State Standards and Students with Disabilities

Accommodations for Students with Dyslexia

Transitioning from High School to College 

Applying for Accommodations on College Entrance Tests

Applying for Accommodations on Graduate School Entrance Tests

Home Schooling

At-Risk Students and the Study of Foreign Language in Schools (Click here for Spanish)

Further Reading;

Recommended Reading for Children and Teens

Recommended Reading for Parents

Recommended Reading for Professionals



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