Rock Contest Rules

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Congratulations to our 2022 winner Carson of Vancouver, WA.

Carson won an Amazon gift card by “planting” (placing) a #dyslexiayouarenotalone rock creation somewhere for others to find. And now you have a chance to find those and other rocks! 


HOW TO PLAY (The 2022 Contest has ended, but you can plant rocks all year long and submit your photos October 2023.)

Let’s increase dyslexia awareness while having a bit of fun!

  1. Find a rock.
  2. Paint the rock a solid base color.
  3. Write #dyslexiayouarenotalone on the bottom of the rock. (A thin paint pen or permanent marker works well.)
  4. Decorate the rock in whatever way you wish.
  5. Place the rock out in nature with the hope someone will find it. Take a picture of your rock where you “plant” it. (Avoid placing it in a State or National Park.)
  6. Email us at with ROCK in the Subject Line. 
    Include in the email:
    -photo of your rock 
    -city, state
    -a hint about where you placed your rock
  7.  We will post your photo, city, state, and hint on our social media. To see your Rock posted and to find out where other Rocks are “planted,” follow IDA-GA & IDA-OR: 
    Instagram @IDAGeorgia @dyslexiayouarenotalone
    Facebook @DyslexiaIDAGA @DyslexiaOR 

The more rocks you plant, the better your chance of winning! Every photo gets entered into the drawing! This includes if you FIND a rock with  #dyslexiayourarenotalone on the bottom!  Take a photo of your “find” and email us to let us know!

ALL photos will go in the bucket for the drawing! The winner of the $25 Amazon gift card will be announced on Tuesday, November 1.  The winner will also be notified by email.