Thinking Differently: An Inside Look on Dyslexia – The Kahmara Interviews

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Hi, welcome to Thinking Differently. My name is Kahmara. “Thinking differently” is a project I created based on the questions and knowledge my family and I wish we had known when I was first diagnosed with Dyslexia.

I created “Thinking Differently” as a resource for those who are at the beginning phase of learning about life with Dyslexia. This video series is for young dyslexic students, their parents, and allies (friends, teachers, or anyone who cares to know more).

In my early years (K-3), I loved school – learning new topics, exploring new experiences, and making new friends. But, in 3rd grade school became increasingly more challenging, especially reading. After 2 years of working harder, academic interventions, and trying to figure out why it was so hard to keep up with my classmates, we suspected that it was not “me” but maybe how I learned. At the beginning of 5th grade, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia. I was told that reading, spelling, and memorization skills would not come easy to me, and although I already knew this, I hated being told I was different than my friends and classmates. I had so many questions, and while they were answered over time, I wish I had had someone who could relate to what I was experiencing as an 11-year-old. Through self-experience and years of access to various resources, I have finally learned how to manage and accept my Dyslexia for what it is, a way of thinking differently.

I have created this video series to shed light on Dyslexia and help those who, like me, are trying to understand what life with Dyslexia is like. This video series is for dyslexic children, loved ones, and allies who are just starting their own journeys with Dyslexia. Hearing from others who have been through what I have been through has been extremely useful to me.  My hope is that this video series, made up of interviews with dyslexic students of different ages, parents of dyslexic children, and teachers/ tutors of dyslexic students, will be helpful to you. Dyslexia can be challenging, but hopefully, you will find these stories and tips as educational, motivational, and inspirational as I have. Let them empower you as you begin your journey.

-Kahmara Landrum 

Thinking Differently: An Interview with Dr. Judy Wolman, Psychologist

Dr. Wolman is a psychologist in the Atlanta, GA area. She conducts comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations. These evaluations can help to answer questions like what are the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, is there a dyslexic profile, are there other factors going on, and what do we need to do to be helpful.




Thinking Differently: An Interview with Carrington,  Student

Thinking Differently: An Interview with Jennifer Hasser, Teacher Trainer

Thinking Differently:  An Interview with Natalie, Student 

Thinking Differently: An Interview with Mr. Wright, Parent

Thinking Differently: An Interview with Mrs. Wood, Parent

Thinking Differently: An Interview with Erin, Student


Thinking Differently: An Interview with Keeton, Student

Thinking Differently: An Interview with Mr. Vacarro,  Math Teacher & Adult with Dyslexia


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