Creative Works by Dyslexics or About Dyslexics

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Books About Dyslexia, Books with Dyslexic Characters, Books Written by Dyslexic Authors

Added 2023 – Krista Weltner 
Krista joined IDA-GA and IDA-OR for the Rock for Dyslexia Paint Party in October 2023 (and in 2022). She is an author, illustrator, filmmaker, and puppet maker. Her debut picture book series, Everyday Adventures with Molly and Dyslexia, was inspired by her own experience growing up with dyslexia. The little girl struggling to put together a simple word wouldn’t believe that she would be calling herself a published author. Everyday Adventures with Molly and Dyslexia will hit the shelves in early 2024.

Added 2023 – Our Teen Board interviewed Ryan Sias on September 26, 2023. Ryan (who is dyslexic) is a professional artist and arts educator with experience working with Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, and Disney. He has written and illustrated ten books for children:

Created in 2022 – Visit the IDA Ontario website to find the following:

  • Books By Dyslexic Authors – For Kids
  • Books By Dyslexic Authors – Older Kids & Young Adult
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  • Books With Dyslexic Characters – Kids
  • Books With Dyslexic Characters – Older Kids & Young Adults
  • Books About Dyslexia – Kids
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Submit your artwork!

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) highlights the artistic talents of students AND ADULTS with dyslexia and other related learning disabilities throughout the year at IDA’s home office and in various IDA publications. Encourage the artist you know to submit their artwork to IDA to be considered for the cover of IDA’s Perspectives magazine or other IDA publications.

Simply fill out this short contact form, sign the waiver, and attach it and a clear photo of the artwork to an email sent to Denise Douce at

If you are a resident of Georgia, please also send your artwork to The artwork featured on the 2019 Summer issue of Perspectives was submitted by Riley Schutt of Milton, GA.

To view her artwork as well as other artwork published on the cover of previous issues of Perspectives, click HERE.