Word Play

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Egg Puzzles Make Eggs-tra Springtime Fun! Is your child ready for the thrill of cracking the code in two-syllable words? Let’s get creative with the plastic eggs.

-Decide which words to include based on what your child or students have been previously taught about the code.

-Mix and match halves. 

-Write a syllable on each half of the eggs. Twist the halves to mix up the words. — -Challenge your child to match the halves so that all are real words. 

-After the puzzle is solved, talk with your child about the word meanings and how they could be used. Discover together how some words have multiple meanings (homographs).

Visit https://ga.dyslexiaida.org/diy-simple-ideas/ for more details

To engage in our game of Word Play, you need to understand what a phoneme is. Watch this video demonstrating phoneme manipulation: Word Play: What is a phoneme?

Phoneme – Grapheme* Word Play

Let’s have some word play fun on the holidays.

Thanksgiving Challenge: Can you think of another word chain from TURKEY to FEAST?  How about FEAST to PIE? Show us your solutions! 

See below for possible solutions for the TURKEY to FEAST chains.

Halloween Challenge: Can you find a path through the Halloween forest? Start with the word at the top and create a chain of words until you end with the word at the bottom. To move from word to word, you can only change one phoneme at a time.  See the Read to Spell image for an example.

Try it with SPOOK to BOO. There are MANY different solutions! Can you discover at least one path? Peek below to see some suggested paths. Let us know if you discover more!


How about GHOST to BOO.



Stay tuned for more game boards (and solutions below)!

Important Terminology:

PHONEME: The itty-bitty speech sounds in words. 

GRAPHEMES: The letter or letter combinations that represent speech sounds (phonemes). 

Example: The word NIGHT has 3 phonemes spelled with the graphemes N – IGH – T .

If you have a suggestion for a Word Play game board, email us with your starting and ending words and at least one solution path. Starting and ending words should be only one-syllable words.

Suggested Path Solutions

Paths for TURKEY to FEAST:
TURKEY>murky>marquis>mark>meek>meat (or meet)>feet>FEAST


Path 1 for SPOOK to BOO:

Path 1 for HAUNT to HOUSE: 

Path 1 for SPOOK to GHOST:

Path 1 for GHOST to BOO:

Path 1 for BROOM to WITCH:






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