2022 Spotlight on Structured Literacy Webinar Series

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The webinar series focuses Structured Literacy to encompass both the content and principles of instruction supported by research on the teaching of reading.

Structured literacy (SL) teaching is the most effective approach for students who experience unusual difficulty learning to read and spell printed words. The term refers to both the content and methods or principles of instruction. It means the same kind of instruction as the terms multisensory structured language education and structured language and literacy.

Structured literacy teaching stands in contrast with approaches that are popular in many schools that do not teach oral and written language skills in an explicit, systematic manner. Evidence is strong that the majority of students learn to read better with structured teaching of basic language skills, and that the components and methods of Structured Literacy are critical for students with reading disabilities including dyslexia. (see: IDA Fact Sheet)

Click the links below to learn about each event.

January 19 – Reading Fluency: Essential for Reading Comprehension
https://ga.dyslexiaida.org/jan19-2022/  (Recording Now Available)

February 9 – The Syntax Attuned Educator: Supporting Students’ Ability to Comprehend Sentences https://ga.dyslexiaida.org/feb9-2022/ (Recording and Slides Now Available)

March 2 – Supporting Dual Language Learners’ Reading Development and Achievement
https://ga.dyslexiaida.org/march2-2022/ (Recording and Slides Now Available)

April 27 – Writing and Content Unite: Creating Expository Writing Units
(Recording and Slides Now Available)

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