Awards – List of Recipients

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Leadership in Literacy and Service Award Winners

Literacy is traditionally understood as the ability to read and write. The term’s meaning has been expanded to include the ability to use language, numbers, images and other means to understand and use the dominant symbol systems of a culture. Literacy represents the lifelong, intellectual process of gaining meaning from a critical interpretation of written or printed text.

Service for others or volunteering is generally considered an activity and is intended to promote goodness or improve human quality of life.


Year Leadership in Literacy Award Outstanding Service Award Destiny Initiative Award
2018 Kim Wigington Jenni Miller
2016 Jennifer Rhett Jennifer Topple Rahil Kamath
2014 Rebecca Pruitt Roni Battoglia
2013 Paul West Tina McGinley and Colleen Berguiristain
2012 Marcia Ramsey Jennifer Hasser
2011 Sharon Sand Willie Thomas
2010 Deborah Knight
2009 Norma Jean McHugh
2008 Jennifer Hasser
2007 Ann Marie Lewis
2006 Rosalie Davis
2005 Babette Broussard
1997 Claire Pearson


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