Navigating Georgia Schools

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Navigating Georgia Schools

Accommodations and Modifications

Accommodations allow a student to complete the same assignments as other students, but permits a change in the timing, formatting, setting, scheduling, response, presentation.  They represent changes in how a student accesses information and demonstrates learning and are used in classroom instruction and assessment.  Accommodations do not substantially change the content, instructional level or performance but provide for equal opportunity (level the playing field).  Common examples are extended time to complete tests, sitting at the front of the class or use of a computer.

A modification adjusts the expectations for an assignment or test.  It changes what a student is expected to learn and/or demonstrate. Modifications can alter the content or lower the standards or expectation and still allow meaningful participation and enhanced learning experiences (instead of just leveling the playing field, it changes the game).  An example is the substitution of cultural credits for a second language to graduate from high school or college.

Both accommodations and modifications function together in a student’s IEP or 504 plan, but you need to understand how they affect your child’s curriculum and academic progress.  Learn more…

State Education Rules & Selected Procedures

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