IDA-GA Scholarship Application for Teachers and Administrators

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IDA-GA will be accepting new applications for Scholarships at the beginning of 2023. Exciting changes are underway, so please check back soon.  If you are not on our IDA-GA mailing list, be sure to add your contact information so that you can receive our monthly announcements, including when information about Scholarships and Grants becomes available. 

Applications for Scholarships for Teachers and School Administrators

The goal of the IDA-GA Scholarship Program is to offer scholarships for individuals taking courses in structured literacy professional education methodologies that provide the ability to educate students with dyslexia.  For more information about structured literacy and courses, visit

If you are a public school educator in Georgia looking for a dyslexia endorsement program approved by the state, please be sure to read the newly created (released 12/4/2021) guidance document regarding selecting one of these approved dyslexia endorsement programs: IDA Dyslexia Endorsement Program Guidance Document.


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