Deal Center Announces Dyslexia Endorsement

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IDA-GA received this exciting announcement from the Sandra Dunagan Deal Center for Early Language and Literacy at GEORGIA COLLEGE:
The John Lounsbury College of Education at Georgia College is pleased to announce that a fully approved DYSLEXIA endorsement will be available starting in January. The full endorsement is three courses of 4 graduate hours each and will be offered completely online. Each course has a field-based component that can be conducted in your own classroom, at summer school, or in an approved alternative setting.
This program is open to any teacher, academic coach, or principal who wishes to learn more about dyslexia and other reading/literacy difficulties; but the focus is on Pre-K through grade 5.
The first course in January is EDRD 6650 Foundations of Language and Literacy Development for Special Populations will include information on language acquisition and development, beginning reading and writing, and common markers of specific difficulties. The complete course description follows.
EDRD 6650: This course is required for completion of the Dyslexia Endorsement and is pre-requisite to the other two courses in the sequence. It provides theory and research into the foundations of children’s learning and acquisition of reading and writing and the relationship of written language to oral language development. Content will be guided by research, elements of structured literacy instruction, and evidence-based strategies. There will be a focus on children who are at risk, struggling, or have identified reading, writing, or language disabilities across grade levels, including dyslexia and dysgraphia. Components necessary for successful literacy mastery including phonology, orthography, semantics, syntax, and discourse will be introduced.
You must be admitted to the graduate program at Georgia College to participate in the course.
Please contact Georgia College for more information.