Summer Camps Offering Structured Literacy Learning Opportunities

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Taking Time for Summer Fun

“Dyslexics often have to operate in mainstream school cultures that rarely wait for anyone. Because they are expected to keep up with an unrealistic pace, canyon-sized holes can develop in a dyslexic student’s knowledge and skill base. Attending a summer camp can give a child an important opportunity to learn on his own terms while addressing any deficits that are troubling him in school.  Connecting with other students who share his learning profile can also help to normalize his school challenges.

“Summer camps can also be important for dyslexic students who have deep interests that get sidelined or shortchanged because of academic demands during the school year.  Those students eagerly wait for summer so they can attend a special overnight or day camp that allows them to seriously pursue their hobbies and build friendships around common interests.  A summer camp experience that offers opportunities to excel in non-academic areas can offset the humiliations a dyslexic child suffers in the classroom.”  – Kyle Redford, Education Editor, Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity 

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Camps* offering Structured Literacy remediation opportunities along with traditional summer camp activities: 

Overnight Camps

Camp Spring Creek (North Carolina)

Durango Mountain Camp (Colorado)

The Gow School Summer Program (New York)

Kildonan’s Camp Dunnabeck (Connecticut)

Landmark High School Summer Program (Massachusetts)  

Day Camps

Atlanta Speech School Summer Programs (Atlanta, Georgia – Northside Parkway)

Courage Schools Summer Programs (Atlanta, Georgia – Sandy Springs)

Horizons Academy Summer Program (Kansas)

Rocky Mountain Camp (Colorado)

Sage School Camp Ignite (Suwanee, Georgia)

Saint Francis Schools (Roswell, Georgia) (2nd-8th grade)

The Schenck School Summer Adventures 2022 (Atlanta, GA – Sandy Springs)

St. Martin’s Fundations Reading Camp Plus! 2022 (Atlanta, GA  – Ashford-Dunwoody Road)  (Rising K-Rising 1st and Rising 2nd)
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Swift School Summer Explorations (Roswell, Georgia) (rising 1st – 5th grade)
Swift School Summer Multisensory Math Clinic (rising 5th and 6th grade)

The Walker School Summer Programs (Marietta, Georgia)

This is not an exhaustive list. As we learn of other summer camp opportunities, we will add them to the page.
Last Update 3/12/2022 PLEASE CHECK BACK for updates. 

*Disclaimer:  The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) is pleased to present a forum for information to benefit its constituents. It is IDA’s policy not to recommend or endorse any specific program, product, institution, company, or instructional material, noting that there are a number of these that present the critical components of instruction defined by IDA’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading. Any program, product, institution, company, or instructional material carrying the IDA seal of accreditation meets the IDA Standards.