GSU Seeking Volunteers for Reading Research

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You can be a volunteer to help further reading research! Adriane Davis, a research assistant in a reading neuropsychology lab at Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA, contacted IDA-GA about the research the lab is conducting: “Our lab research mainly focuses on how the brain works when we read. We study these functions of the brain in typical readers and in readers with dyslexia using neuroimaging, such as fMRI, to see these differences. In our current study, we are researching how the reading circuit of the brain compensates for reading in adults with dyslexia. We use TMS (a noninvasive brain stimulation) to temporarily change the way the reading circuit of the brain works and fMRI to see these changes. This will hopefully provide insight into how reading is neurologically different between typical readers and readers with dyslexia as well as how future reading strategy programs can be improved.”
Contact Dr. Nikki Arrington for more information (See flyer).