AI & Dyslexia: Thoughts and Tools

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Updated 10/3/2023

High school senior: Why aren’t more teachers embracing AI? – Sidhi Dhana

9/16/2023 An Opinion Piece:

“I was still confused, and I decided to reach out to ChatGPT for help. The first explanation was still unclear, so I asked it to explain the concept as if I were in elementary school.

It offered an explanation using a metaphor of a bookshelf in a library, and I had my lightbulb moment. This conceptual topic, which I had trouble understanding for a few days, finally clicked. Why should using ChatGPT to understand a challenging subject be frowned upon?” – Sidhi Dhana

What is your opinion? How can AI help our students with dyslexia? Can AI augment learning?

Embracing AI in the classroom: ChatGPT, an Enriching Learning Tool – Jack Dougall

“Journey through my classroom: the unexpected twists, turns, and enlightenments of integrating ChatGPT into the learning process.” – Jack D., AI-POWERED CREATIONS CORNER

6/24/2023 Blogpost: “As a geography teacher, I recently embarked on an experiment with my year 8 class, an experiment that was met with equal parts laughter, curiosity, and apprehension. The tool at the centre of this experiment was not a globe, a map, or an atlas, but ChatGPT, the now infamous artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI….”

Read about Jack’s experiment.

Results and Insights:

“The students who had merely used ChatGPT as a search engine struggled to answer anything at all, while those who had refined their queries could give basic responses. However, the students who had engaged in detailed exchanges with the AI had absorbed the knowledge so well that they complained about the lack of time to put down all they knew!

“From this experiment, I came to a clearer understanding of the potential of AI in education. Tools like ChatGPT prompt critical thinking, understanding, and engagement in students, moving away from the rote memorization and copying methods of yesteryears.

“Yes, AI tools can be used to copy, but the same can be said for a pen. But just as a pen can be used to write poetry, create art, or solve equations, an AI can be used to provoke thought, enhance understanding, and encourage learning.

“The challenge lies in how we, as educators, guide our students in harnessing the potential of AI tools like ChatGPT. We must teach them to use these tools responsibly, to understand their workings, to question their outputs, and to critically engage with them.

“To this end, I created a ‘ChatGPT Learning Code’ that I’ve plastered around my classroom walls and expect all of my students to follow.  (I’ve attached a copy at the bottom for anyone who wants to do the same.)

“It’s time to embrace the learning revolution brought by artificial intelligence. The future of education is here, and if used correctly, AI has infinite potential to improve HI, Human Intelligence.”


“Here’s what’s been on my mind….Generative artificial intelligence is sending shockwaves through education, and it is only in its earliest stages. ..the possibilities it represents for students with dyslexia are immense…”
Josh Clark, Head of Landmark School and Chair of the International Dyslexia Association, host of EdChat, interviews educational leaders and innovators in business, sociology, and technology to explore what the future holds for school, work, and life.
“…From an instructional tool for remediation to a game-changing assistive technology, as educators dedicated to serving students with dyslexia, we must understand this technology’s potential and how it can serve our students. And we must think beyond the immediate to consider how these advancements will transform the world of work and how that could change the charge of education. Never before has this level of disruption presented an opportunity to reimagine a system that was broken from the beginning. Let’s talk!”

An AI Tsunami is Coming for Education & Dyslexia Can Surf – Josh Clark,

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