Sharing Fun Facts Leads to Knowledge Building Conversations

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Fun Facts about September

Sharing quick fun facts can lead to longer, interesting knowledge-building conversations.  Knowledge-building is an important factor in boosting reading comprehension. Check out this article by Natalie Wexler:

Quick Fun Fact: Did you notice our 9th month of the year has 9 letters? No other month has the same number of letters in its name as the month of the year.  (Check out other quick fun facts here:

Let’s dive deeper.

The SEPT in September comes from Latin meaning 7.  Why is the name of our 9th month of the year built with SEPT meaning SEVEN? 

September was the 7th month of the year on the 10-month Roman calendar. The first month of the New Year on the Roman calendar was March. tells us, “Our modern Western calendar is almost entirely a Roman invention, but it has changed significantly throughout history. Each name and number from our calendar is steeped in tradition and history.

“The Roman calendar was based on an older lunar calendar. The first day of each month, or the “Kalends,” occurred on new moons. The calendar year was 10 moons long, and the remaining (roughly 70) days of winter occurred without being assigned a month name. The beginning of the year (and the starting of the calendar) signaled that farmers should trellis vines, prune trees, and sow spring wheat. This was the time that workers could expect equal parts night and day.

“New Years was celebrated on the first new moon before the spring equinox. The “Ides of March”, now observed on March 15th, was originally the first full moon of the New Year. Remnants of this lunar calendar still exist, such as the English words “month” and “moon” having the same roots.” 

If March was the 1st month on the Roman calendar, then September would be the 7th month of that 10-month calendar.  September did not become the ninth month until 154 BCE when, according to,  “a rebellion forced the Roman senate to change the beginning of the civil year from March to January 1. With this reform, September officially became the ninth month in the year 153 BCE.”

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